ZooKeeper Utilities

A ZooKeeper Command Line Interface (CLI) script is available to allow you to interact directly with Solr configuration files stored in ZooKeeper.

While Solr’s Admin UI includes pages dedicated to the state of your SolrCloud cluster, it does not allow you to download or modify related configuration files.

See the section Cloud Screens for more information about using the Admin UI screens.

The ZooKeeper CLI script found in server/scripts/cloud-scripts let you upload configuration information to ZooKeeper. It also provides a few other commands that let you link collection sets to collections, make ZooKeeper paths or clear them, and download configurations from ZooKeeper to the local filesystem.

Many of the functions provided by the zkCli.sh script are also provided by the Solr Control Script, which may be more familiar as the start script ZooKeeper maintenance commands are very similar to Unix commands.

Solr’s zkcli.sh vs ZooKeeper’s zkCli.sh

The zkcli.sh provided by Solr is not the same as the zkCli.sh included in ZooKeeper distributions.

ZooKeeper’s zkCli.sh provides a completely general, application-agnostic shell for manipulating data in ZooKeeper. Solr’s zkcli.sh – discussed in this section – is specific to Solr, and has command line arguments specific to dealing with Solr data in ZooKeeper.

Using Solr’s ZooKeeper CLI

Use the help option to get a list of available commands from the script itself, as in ./server/scripts/cloud-scripts/zkcli.sh help.

Both zkcli.sh (for Unix environments) and zkcli.bat (for Windows environments) support the following command line options:

-cmd <arg>

The CLI Command to be executed. This parameter is mandatory. The following commands are supported:

  • bootstrap

  • upconfig

  • downconfig

  • linkconfig

  • makepath

  • get and getfile

  • put and putfile

  • clear

  • list

  • ls

  • clusterprop

-z or -zkhost <locations>

ZooKeeper host address. This parameter is mandatory for all CLI commands.

-c or -collection <name>

For linkconfig: name of the collection.

-d or -confdir <path>

For upconfig: a directory of configuration files. For downconfig: the destination of files pulled from ZooKeeper

-h or -help

Display help text.

-n or -confname <arg>

For upconfig, linkconfig, downconfig: name of the configuration set.

-r or -runzk <port>

Run ZooKeeper internally by passing the Solr run port; only for clusters on one machine.

-s or -solrhome <path>

For bootstrap or when using -runzk: the mandatory solrhome location.

-name <name>

For clusterprop: the mandatory cluster property name.

-val <value>

For clusterprop: the cluster property value. If not specified, null will be used as value.

The short form parameter options may be specified with a single dash (e.g., -c mycollection).

The long form parameter options may be specified using either a single dash (e.g., -collection mycollection) or a double dash (e.g., --collection mycollection)

ZooKeeper CLI Examples

Below are some examples of using the zkcli.sh CLI which assume you have already started the SolrCloud example (bin/solr -e cloud -noprompt)

If you are on Windows machine, simply replace zkcli.sh with zkcli.bat in these examples.

Upload a Configuration Directory

./server/scripts/cloud-scripts/zkcli.sh -zkhost -cmd upconfig -confname my_new_config -confdir server/solr/configsets/_default/conf

Bootstrap ZooKeeper from an Existing solr.home

./server/scripts/cloud-scripts/zkcli.sh -zkhost -cmd bootstrap -solrhome /var/solr/data
Bootstrap with chroot

Using the boostrap command with a ZooKeeper chroot in the -zkhost parameter, e.g., -zkhost, will automatically create the chroot path before uploading the configs.

Put Arbitrary Data into a New ZooKeeper file

./server/scripts/cloud-scripts/zkcli.sh -zkhost -cmd put /my_zk_file.txt 'some data'

Put a Local File into a New ZooKeeper File

./server/scripts/cloud-scripts/zkcli.sh -zkhost -cmd putfile /my_zk_file.txt /tmp/my_local_file.txt
./server/scripts/cloud-scripts/zkcli.sh -zkhost -cmd linkconfig -collection gettingstarted -confname my_new_config

Create a New ZooKeeper Path

This can be useful to create a chroot path in ZooKeeper before first cluster start.

./server/scripts/cloud-scripts/zkcli.sh -zkhost -cmd makepath /solr

Set a Cluster Property

This command will add or modify a single cluster property in clusterprops.json. Use this command instead of the usual getfile → edit → putfile cycle.

Unlike the CLUSTERPROP command on the Collections API, this command does not require a running Solr cluster.

./server/scripts/cloud-scripts/zkcli.sh -zkhost -cmd clusterprop -name urlScheme -val https