The Well-Configured Solr Instance

This section tells you how to fine-tune your Solr instance for optimum performance.

This section covers the following topics:

Configuring solrconfig.xml: Describes how to work with the main configuration file for Solr, solrconfig.xml, covering the major sections of the file.

Solr Cores and solr.xml: Describes how to work with solr.xml and to configure your Solr core, or multiple Solr cores within a single instance.

Configuration APIs: Describes several APIs used to configure Solr: Blob Store, Config, Request Parameters and Managed Resources.

Implicit RequestHandlers: Describes various end-points automatically provided by Solr and how to configure them.

Solr Plugins: Introduces Solr plugins with pointers to more information.

JVM Settings: Gives some guidance on best practices for working with Java Virtual Machines.

V2 API: Describes how to use the new V2 APIs, a redesigned API framework covering most Solr APIs.

The focus of this section is generally on configuring a single Solr instance, but for those interested in scaling a Solr implementation in a cluster environment, see also the section SolrCloud. There are also options to scale through sharding or replication, described in the section Legacy Scaling and Distribution.