Deployment and Operations

An important aspect of Solr is that all operations and deployment can be done online, with minimal or no impact to running applications. This includes minor upgrades and provisioning and removing nodes, backing up and restoring indexes and editing configurations

Common administrative tasks include:

Solr Control Script Reference: This section provides information about all of the options available to the bin/solr / bin\solr.cmd scripts, which can start and stop Solr, configure authentication, and create or remove collections and cores.

Solr Configuration Files: Overview of the installation layout and major configuration files.

Taking Solr to Production: Detailed steps to help you install Solr as a service and take your application to production.

Making and Restoring Backups: Describes backup strategies for your Solr indexes.

Running Solr on HDFS: How to use HDFS to store your Solr indexes and transaction logs.

SolrCloud on AWS EC2: A tutorial on deploying Solr in Amazon Web Services (AWS) using EC2 instances.

Upgrading a Solr Cluster: Information for upgrading a production SolrCloud cluster.

Solr Upgrade Notes: Information about changes made in Solr releases.