Find everything you need about the Solr Operator here.

All resources are currently found in the Solr Operator repository, but will eventually be moved to the website.


Users who have completed the tutorial are encouraged to review the other documentation available.

Helm Charts

If you want to run Solr on Kubernetes, the easiest way to get started is via installing the Helm charts below.


The Apache Solr Reference Guide

Current documentation can be found in the repo's github pages, soon it will be migrated to this site.

Additional Documentation

Additional documentation, including upgrade notes, can be found in the Solr Operator's README.

Presentations and Videos


Introducing the Solr Operator - Activate 2019

Demystifying the Solr Operator - Berlin Buzzwords 2021

Using Solr unconventionally to serve 26bn+ documents - Berlin Buzzwords 2022

Rethinking Autoscaling for Apache Solr using Kubernetes - Berlin Buzzwords 2023

Conferences with Solr talks

Videos from Past Activate / Lucene/Solr revolution events

Videos from past Berlin Buzzwords events

Search YouTube for Solr

If you have a Solr Operator video or presentationthat you would like to see listed here, please edit this website and submit a Pull Request.