Official releases are usually created when the developers feel there are sufficient changes, improvements and bug fixes to warrant a release. Due to the voluntary nature of Solr Operator development, no releases are scheduled in advance.

The suggested method of installing the Solr Operator in your Kubernetes cluster is via the provided Helm chart. Source releases are provided for the operator, however binaries are only provided via the official Docker Image.

Solr Operator v0.8.1

Solr Operator v0.8.1 is the most recent Apache Solr Operator release.

Solr Operator v0.7.1

Solr Operator v0.7.1 is the last release in the v0.7.x series.

Past versions

Archives for all past versions of the Solr Operator are available at the Apache archives and ArtifactHub. See the Github releases for pre-v0.3.0 releases

About downloads

Verify downloads

The above source release files should be verified using the PGP signatures and the project release KEYS. See verification instructions for a description of using the PGP and KEYS files for verification. SHA checksums are also provided as alternative verification method.

File names

The solr-operator-VERSION.tgz file contains the full source code for that version, where VERSION is the version number of the release, e.g. v0.8.1.

Helm Charts do not allow a v prefix in the version, so that is the only version in the Solr Operator release corpus that does not use it.

About versions and support

The Apache Solr Operator is under active development with frequent feature releases on the current minor version. It is still in the beta phase, and working towards its v1.0.0 release. The previous minor version will see occasional critical security- or bug fixes releases. Older versions are considered EOL (End Of Life) and will not be further updated. For this reason it may also be difficult to obtain community support for EOL versions.

Large changes or changes that break compatibility with existing functionality are normally only included in the next minor version.

After the v1.0.0 release, large changes that break compatibility will be reserved for major version changes.

Version Description
v0.8.x Current minor version for feature releases (STABLE)
v0.7.x Previous minor version may sometimes receive critical bugfix releases
v0.9 Next minor version, yet to be released (UNSTABLE)
<v0.7.1 All older versions are End Of Life (EOL)

For more about versions and upgrading the Solr Operator, see the Upgrade Notes page in the documentation.

Docker Image License Information

The official Solr Operator Docker image contains NOTICE and LICENSE information in the /etc/licenses directory. This is different from the source release LICENSE and NOTICE files, so make sure to familiarize yourself when using the image.