Apache Solr project information

The Apache Solr project was established in 2006 as a subproject of Apache Lucene, and was established as a separate TLP (Top Level Project) in 2021. See Wikipedia article on Apache Solr for some background.

Apache Software Foundation

Solr is developed by contributors to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) through an open, meritocratic process that goes well beyond simply sharing the source code. We call it The Apache Way, and one of which one of the key principles is Community over code.

Visit the ASF website, and also see more links at the bottom of this page to learn more.

Project Management Committee

The project is managed by the Solr PMC (Project Management Committee). The PMC votes on releases and elects new PMC members and committers to the project. Read more about how the PMC works.

Please see the current list of Solr PMC members.


Everyone is welcome to contribute to this open source project. A group of developers known as committers have direct write access to the source repositories. Developers may be invited as comitters based on their merit contributing to the project.

Please see the current list of Solr committers.

Emeritus project members

This is a list of emeritus project members. We appreciate your contributions!

Emeritus PMC members

Emeritus committers