Monitoring Solr

Administration and monitoring can be performed using the web-based administration console, through the command line interface, or using REST APIs.

Common administrative tasks include:

Metrics Reporting: Details of Solr’s metrics registries and Metrics API.

Metrics History: Metrics history collection, configuration and API.

MBean Request Handler: How to use Solr’s MBeans for programmatic access to the system plugins and stats.

Configuring Logging: Describes how to configure logging for Solr.

Using JMX with Solr: Describes how to use Java Management Extensions with Solr.

Monitoring Solr with Prometheus and Grafana: Describes how to monitor Solr with Prometheus and Grafana.

Performance Statistics Reference: Additional information on statistics returned from JMX.

Distributed Solr Tracing: Describes how to do distributed tracing for Solr requests.