MBean Request Handler

The MBean Request Handler offers programmatic access to the information provided on the Plugin/Stats page of the Admin UI.

The MBean Request Handler accepts the following parameters:


Restricts results by object key.


Restricts results by category name.


Specifies whether statistics are returned with results. You can override the stats parameter on a per-field basis. The default is false.


The output format. This operates the same as the wt parameter in a query. The default is json.

MBeanRequestHandler Examples

The following examples assume you are running Solr’s techproducts example configuration:

bin/solr start -e techproducts

To return information about the CACHE category only:


To return information and statistics about the CACHE category only, formatted in XML:


To return information for everything, and statistics for everything except the fieldCache:


To return information and statistics for the fieldCache only:

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