Getting Assistance

At the bottom of each screen of the Admin UI is a set of links that can be used to get more assistance with configuring and using Solr.

Figure 1. Assistance icons

These icons include the following links.

Link Description


Navigates to the Apache Solr documentation hosted on

Issue Tracker

Navigates to the JIRA issue tracking server for the Apache Solr project. This server resides at

IRC Channel

Navigates to Solr’s IRC live-chat room:

Community forum

Navigates to the Apache Wiki page which has further information about ways to engage in the Solr User community mailing lists:

Solr Query Syntax

Navigates to the section Query Syntax and Parsing in this Reference Guide.

These links cannot be modified without editing the index.html in the server/solr/solr-webapp directory that contains the Admin UI files.

Comments on this Page

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