Getting Started

Solr makes it easy for programmers to develop sophisticated, high-performance search applications with advanced features.

This section introduces you to the basic Solr architecture and features to help you get up and running quickly. It covers the following topics:

A Quick Overview: A high-level overview of how Solr works.

Installing Solr: A walkthrough of the Solr installation process.

Solr Configuration Files: Overview of the installation layout and major configuration files.

Solr Upgrade Notes: Information about changes made in Solr releases.

Taking Solr to Production: Detailed steps to help you install Solr as a service and take your application to production.

Upgrading a Solr Cluster: Information for upgrading a production SolrCloud cluster.

Solr includes a Quick Start tutorial which will be helpful if you are just starting out with Solr. You can find it in this Guide at Solr Tutorial.
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