Class CollectionStats

  • public class CollectionStats
    extends Object
    Modifiable version of CollectionStatistics useful for aggregation of per-shard stats.
    • Field Detail

      • field

        public final String field
      • maxDoc

        public long maxDoc
      • docCount

        public long docCount
      • sumTotalTermFreq

        public long sumTotalTermFreq
      • sumDocFreq

        public long sumDocFreq
    • Constructor Detail

      • CollectionStats

        public CollectionStats​(String field)
      • CollectionStats

        public CollectionStats​(String field,
                               long maxDoc,
                               long docCount,
                               long sumTotalTermFreq,
                               long sumDocFreq)
      • CollectionStats

        public CollectionStats​( stats)
    • Method Detail

      • toCollectionStatistics

        public toCollectionStatistics()