Class QueryCommand

  • public class QueryCommand
    extends Object
    A query request command to avoid having to change the method signatures if we want to pass additional information to the searcher.
    • Constructor Detail

      • QueryCommand

        public QueryCommand()
    • Method Detail

      • getCursorMark

        public CursorMark getCursorMark()
      • getQuery

        public getQuery()
      • setQuery

        public QueryCommand setQuery​( query)
      • getFilterList

        public List<> getFilterList()
      • setFilterList

        public QueryCommand setFilterList​( f)
        A simple setter to build a filterList from a query
        IllegalArgumentException - if filter is not null.
      • getFilter

        public DocSet getFilter()
      • getSort

        public getSort()
      • setSort

        public QueryCommand setSort​( sort)
      • getOffset

        public int getOffset()
      • getLen

        public int getLen()
      • getSupersetMaxDoc

        public int getSupersetMaxDoc()
      • setSupersetMaxDoc

        public QueryCommand setSupersetMaxDoc​(int supersetMaxDoc)
      • getFlags

        public int getFlags()
      • replaceFlags

        public QueryCommand replaceFlags​(int flags)
      • clearFlags

        public QueryCommand clearFlags​(int flags)
      • getTimeAllowed

        public long getTimeAllowed()
      • setTimeAllowed

        public QueryCommand setTimeAllowed​(long timeAllowed)
      • getMinExactCount

        public int getMinExactCount()
      • setMinExactCount

        public QueryCommand setMinExactCount​(int count)
      • isNeedDocSet

        public boolean isNeedDocSet()
      • setNeedDocSet

        public QueryCommand setNeedDocSet​(boolean needDocSet)
      • getTerminateEarly

        public boolean getTerminateEarly()
      • setTerminateEarly

        public QueryCommand setTerminateEarly​(boolean segmentTerminateEarly)
      • getSegmentTerminateEarly

        public boolean getSegmentTerminateEarly()
      • setSegmentTerminateEarly

        public QueryCommand setSegmentTerminateEarly​(boolean segmentSegmentTerminateEarly)
      • setQueryID

        public void setQueryID​(String queryID)
      • getQueryID

        public String getQueryID()
      • setQueryCancellable

        public void setQueryCancellable​(boolean isQueryCancellable)
      • isQueryCancellable

        public boolean isQueryCancellable()