Class NoOpRegenerator

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    public class NoOpRegenerator
    extends Object
    implements CacheRegenerator
    Cache regenerator that just populates the new cache with the old items.

    This is useful for e.g. CachingWrapperFilters that are not invalidated by the creation of a new searcher.

    • Constructor Detail

      • NoOpRegenerator

        public NoOpRegenerator()
    • Method Detail

      • regenerateItem

        public <K,​V> boolean regenerateItem​(SolrIndexSearcher newSearcher,
                                                  SolrCache<K,​V> newCache,
                                                  SolrCache<K,​V> oldCache,
                                                  K oldKey,
                                                  V oldVal)
                                           throws IOException
        Description copied from interface: CacheRegenerator
        Regenerate an old cache item and insert it into newCache
        Specified by:
        regenerateItem in interface CacheRegenerator
        newSearcher - the new searcher who's caches are being autowarmed
        newCache - where regenerated cache items should be stored. the target of the autowarming
        oldCache - the old cache being used as a source for autowarming
        oldKey - the key of the old cache item to regenerate in the new cache
        oldVal - the old value of the cache item
        true to continue with autowarming, false to stop