Interface CacheRegenerator

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    public interface CacheRegenerator
    Implementations of CacheRegenerator are used in autowarming to populate a new cache based on an old cache. regenerateItem is called for each item that should be inserted into the new cache.

    Implementations should have a noarg constructor and be thread safe (a single instance will be used for all cache autowarmings).

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      • regenerateItem

        <K,​V> boolean regenerateItem​(SolrIndexSearcher newSearcher,
                                           SolrCache<K,​V> newCache,
                                           SolrCache<K,​V> oldCache,
                                           K oldKey,
                                           V oldVal)
                                    throws IOException
        Regenerate an old cache item and insert it into newCache
        newSearcher - the new searcher who's caches are being autowarmed
        newCache - where regenerated cache items should be stored. the target of the autowarming
        oldCache - the old cache being used as a source for autowarming
        oldKey - the key of the old cache item to regenerate in the new cache
        oldVal - the old value of the cache item
        true to continue with autowarming, false to stop