Class DocTransformer.NoopFieldTransformer

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    public static final class DocTransformer.NoopFieldTransformer
    extends DocTransformer
    Trivial Impl that ensure that the specified field is requested as an "extra" field, but then does nothing during the transformation phase.
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      • NoopFieldTransformer

        public NoopFieldTransformer()
      • NoopFieldTransformer

        public NoopFieldTransformer​(String field)
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      • getExtraRequestFields

        public String[] getExtraRequestFields()
        Description copied from class: DocTransformer
        When a transformer needs access to fields that are not automatically derived from the input fields names, this option lets us explicitly say the field names that we hope will be in the SolrDocument. These fields will be requested from the SolrIndexSearcher but may or may not be returned in the final QueryResponseWriter
        getExtraRequestFields in class DocTransformer
        a list of extra lucene fields