Class TagLL

  • public class TagLL
    extends Object
    This is a Tag -- a startOffset, endOffset and value.

    A Tag starts without a value in an "advancing" state. advance(org.apache.lucene.util.BytesRef, int) is called with subsequent words and then eventually it won't advance any more, and value is set (could be null).

    A Tag is also a doubly-linked-list (hence the LL in the name). All tags share a reference to the head via a 1-element array, which is potentially modified if any of the linked-list methods are called. Tags in the list should have equal or increasing start offsets.

    • Method Detail

      • removeLL

        public void removeLL()
        Removes this tag from the chain, connecting prevTag and nextTag. Does not modify "this" object's pointers, so the caller can refer to nextTag after removing it.
      • charLen

        public int charLen()
      • getNextTag

        public TagLL getNextTag()
      • getPrevTag

        public TagLL getPrevTag()
      • getStartOffset

        public int getStartOffset()
      • getEndOffset

        public int getEndOffset()
      • overlaps

        public boolean overlaps​(TagLL other)