Class ShardBackupId

  • public class ShardBackupId
    extends Object
    Represents the ID of a particular backup point for a particular shard.

    ShardBackupId's only need be unique within a given collection and backup location/name, so in practice they're formed by combining the shard name with the BackupId in the form: "md_$SHARDNAME_BACKUPID".

    ShardBackupId's are most often used as a filename to store shard-level metadata for the backup. See ShardBackupMetadata for more information.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • ShardBackupId

        public ShardBackupId​(String shardName,
                             BackupId containingBackupId)
    • Method Detail

      • getShardName

        public String getShardName()
      • getContainingBackupId

        public BackupId getContainingBackupId()
      • getIdAsString

        public String getIdAsString()
      • getBackupMetadataFilename

        public String getBackupMetadataFilename()
      • fromShardMetadataFilename

        public static ShardBackupId fromShardMetadataFilename​(String filenameString)