Interface ReplicaPlacement

  • public interface ReplicaPlacement
    Placement decision for a single Replica. Note this placement decision is used as part of a PlacementPlan, it does not directly lead to the plugin code getting a corresponding Replica instance, nor does it require the plugin to provide a Shard instance (the plugin code gets such instances for existing replicas and shards in the cluster but does not create them directly for adding new replicas for new or existing shards).

    Captures the SolrCollection, Shard (via the shard name), Node and Replica.ReplicaType of a Replica to be created.

    • Method Detail

      • getShardName

        String getShardName()
        the name of the Shard for which the replica should be created. Note that only the name of the shard is returned and not a Shard instance because the shard might not yet exist when the placement request is made.
      • getNode

        Node getNode()
        the Node on which the replica should be created
      • getReplicaType

        Replica.ReplicaType getReplicaType()
        the type of the replica to be created