Interface Shard

  • public interface Shard
    Shard in a SolrCollection, i.e. a subset of the data indexed in that collection.
    • Method Detail

      • getShardName

        String getShardName()
      • getCollection

        SolrCollection getCollection()
        the collection this shard is part of
      • getReplica

        Replica getReplica​(String name)
        Returns the Replica of the given name for that shard, if such a replica exists.
        null if the replica does not (or does not yet) exist for the shard.
      • replicas

        Iterable<Replica> replicas()
        Allow foreach iteration on replicas such as: for (Replica r : shard.replicas()) {...}.
      • getLeader

        Replica getLeader()
        the current leader Replica for this Shard. Note that by the time this method returns the leader might have changed. Also, if there's no leader for any reason (don't shoot the messenger), this method will return null.