Class SolrIndexConfig

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    public class SolrIndexConfig
    extends Object
    implements MapSerializable
    This config object encapsulates IndexWriter config params, defined in the <indexConfig> section of solrconfig.xml
    • Field Detail


        public static final String DEFAULT_MERGE_SCHEDULER_CLASSNAME
      • useCompoundFile

        public final boolean useCompoundFile
      • maxBufferedDocs

        public final int maxBufferedDocs
      • ramBufferSizeMB

        public final double ramBufferSizeMB
      • ramPerThreadHardLimitMB

        public final int ramPerThreadHardLimitMB
      • writeLockTimeout

        public final int writeLockTimeout
      • lockType

        public final String lockType
      • mergePolicyFactoryInfo

        public final PluginInfo mergePolicyFactoryInfo
      • mergeSchedulerInfo

        public final PluginInfo mergeSchedulerInfo
      • metricsInfo

        public final PluginInfo metricsInfo
      • mergedSegmentWarmerInfo

        public final PluginInfo mergedSegmentWarmerInfo
      • infoStream

        public org.apache.lucene.util.InfoStream infoStream
    • Constructor Detail

      • SolrIndexConfig

        public SolrIndexConfig​(SolrConfig solrConfig,
                               String prefix,
                               SolrIndexConfig def)
        Constructs a SolrIndexConfig which parses the Lucene related config params in solrconfig.xml
        solrConfig - the overall SolrConfig object
        prefix - the XPath prefix for which section to parse (mandatory)
        def - a SolrIndexConfig instance to pick default values from (optional)