Class SolrConfig

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class SolrConfig
    extends XmlConfigFile
    implements MapSerializable
    Provides a static reference to a Config object modeling the main configuration data for a a Solr instance -- typically found in "solrconfig.xml".
    • Field Detail

      • booleanQueryMaxClauseCount

        public final int booleanQueryMaxClauseCount
      • filterCacheConfig

        public final CacheConfig filterCacheConfig
      • queryResultCacheConfig

        public final CacheConfig queryResultCacheConfig
      • documentCacheConfig

        public final CacheConfig documentCacheConfig
      • fieldValueCacheConfig

        public final CacheConfig fieldValueCacheConfig
      • useFilterForSortedQuery

        public final boolean useFilterForSortedQuery
      • queryResultWindowSize

        public final int queryResultWindowSize
      • queryResultMaxDocsCached

        public final int queryResultMaxDocsCached
      • enableLazyFieldLoading

        public final boolean enableLazyFieldLoading
      • useRangeVersionsForPeerSync

        public final boolean useRangeVersionsForPeerSync
      • maxWarmingSearchers

        public final int maxWarmingSearchers
      • useColdSearcher

        public final boolean useColdSearcher
      • luceneMatchVersion

        public final org.apache.lucene.util.Version luceneMatchVersion
      • dataDir

        protected String dataDir
      • slowQueryThresholdMillis

        public final int slowQueryThresholdMillis
    • Method Detail

      • parseLuceneVersionString

        public static final org.apache.lucene.util.Version parseLuceneVersionString​(String matchVersion)
      • convertHeapOptionStyleConfigStringToBytes

        protected static long convertHeapOptionStyleConfigStringToBytes​(String configStr)
        Converts a Java heap option-like config string to bytes. Valid suffixes are: 'k', 'm', 'g' (case insensitive). If there is no suffix, the default unit is bytes. For example, 50k = 50KB, 20m = 20MB, 4g = 4GB, 300 = 300 bytes
        configStr - the config setting to parse
        the size, in bytes. -1 if the given config string is empty
      • readPluginInfos

        public List<PluginInfo> readPluginInfos​(String tag,
                                                boolean requireName,
                                                boolean requireClass)
      • getDataDir

        public String getDataDir()
      • getPluginInfos

        public List<PluginInfo> getPluginInfos​(String type)
        SolrConfig keeps a repository of plugins by the type. The known interfaces are the types.
        type - The key is FQN of the plugin class there are a few known types : SolrFormatter, SolrFragmenter SolrRequestHandler,QParserPlugin, QueryResponseWriter,ValueSourceParser, SearchComponent, QueryConverter, SolrEventListener, DirectoryFactory, IndexDeletionPolicy, IndexReaderFactory, TransformerFactory
      • getMultipartUploadLimitKB

        public int getMultipartUploadLimitKB()
      • getFormUploadLimitKB

        public int getFormUploadLimitKB()
      • isHandleSelect

        public boolean isHandleSelect()
      • isAddHttpRequestToContext

        public boolean isAddHttpRequestToContext()
      • isEnableRemoteStreams

        public boolean isEnableRemoteStreams()
      • isEnableStreamBody

        public boolean isEnableStreamBody()
      • refreshRequestParams

        public RequestParams refreshRequestParams()