Between the Reference Guide, our Mailing Lists, Slack, and IRC - Solr already offers a number of ways for the community to discuss and learn. Each of these mediums excels in its own niche: the Reference Guide at conveying dense technical information, the mailing lists at the Question/Answer format, etc. But this leaves some gaps.

Currently, there's nowhere to:

The blog at solr.apache.org aims to close these gaps, and give the community a place to tell stories about what it's like to deploy and develop Apache Solr.

Happy Reading!

So welcome to the blog at solr.apache.org! We hope to publish content periodically highlighting stories from around Solr's rich community of users, developers, and search enthusiasts.

Posts are welcome from anyone with interest, and may be submitted by opening a PR against Solr's website repository, solr-site. Do you already publish Solr content in another location? Let audiences here know about your latest external post by creating a short blurb post with an included link. See our "How-To" Guide for more information on how to create your first post.

Welcome, and happy reading!