Class TolerantUpdateProcessor

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Closeable, AutoCloseable

    public class TolerantUpdateProcessor
    extends UpdateRequestProcessor
    Suppresses errors for individual add/delete commands within a single request. Instead of failing on the first error, at most maxErrors errors (or unlimited if -1==maxErrors ) are logged and recorded the batch continues. The client will receive a status==200 response, which includes a list of errors that were tolerated.

    If more then maxErrors occur, the first exception recorded will be re-thrown, Solr will respond with status==5xx or status==4xx (depending on the underlying exceptions) and it won't finish processing any more updates in the request. (ie: subsequent update commands in the request will not be processed even if they are valid).

    NOTE: In cloud based collections, this processor expects to NOT be used on DistributedUpdateProcessor.DistribPhase.FROMLEADER requests (because any successes that occur locally on the leader are considered successes even if there is some subsequent error on a replica). TolerantUpdateProcessorFactory will short circut it away in those requests.

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