Class TextProfileSignature

  • public class TextProfileSignature
    extends MD5Signature
    This implementation is copied from Apache Nutch.

    An implementation of a page signature. It calculates an MD5 hash of a plain text "profile" of a page.

    The algorithm to calculate a page "profile" takes the plain text version of a page and performs the following steps:

    • remove all characters except letters and digits, and bring all characters to lower case,
    • split the text into tokens (all consecutive non-whitespace characters),
    • discard tokens equal or shorter than MIN_TOKEN_LEN (default 2 characters),
    • sort the list of tokens by decreasing frequency,
    • round down the counts of tokens to the nearest multiple of QUANT ( QUANT = QUANT_RATE * maxFreq, where QUANT_RATE is 0.01f by default, and maxFreq is the maximum token frequency). If maxFreq is higher than 1, then QUANT is always higher than 2 (which means that tokens with frequency 1 are always discarded).
    • tokens, which frequency after quantization falls below QUANT, are discarded.
    • create a list of tokens and their quantized frequency, separated by spaces, in the order of decreasing frequency.
    This list is then submitted to an MD5 hash calculation.
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      • TextProfileSignature

        public TextProfileSignature()