Class FieldCache.PointParser

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    public abstract static class FieldCache.PointParser
    extends Object
    implements FieldCache.Parser
    Base class for points parsers. These parsers do not use the inverted index, but instead uninvert point data.

    This abstraction can be cleaned up when Parser.termsEnum is removed.

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      • PointParser

        public PointParser()
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      • termsEnum

        public final org.apache.lucene.index.TermsEnum termsEnum​(org.apache.lucene.index.Terms terms)
                                                          throws IOException
        Description copied from interface: FieldCache.Parser
        Pulls a TermsEnum from the given Terms. This method allows certain parsers to filter the actual TermsEnum before the field cache is filled.
        Specified by:
        termsEnum in interface FieldCache.Parser
        terms - the Terms instance to create the TermsEnum from.
        a possibly filtered TermsEnum instance, this method must not return null.
        IOException - if an IOException occurs