Class SuggesterResult

  • public class SuggesterResult
    extends Object
    Encapsulates the results returned by the suggester in SolrSuggester
    • Constructor Detail

      • SuggesterResult

        public SuggesterResult()
    • Method Detail

      • add

        public void add​(String suggesterName,
                        String token,
                        List<> results)
        Add suggestion results for token
      • getLookupResult

        public List<> getLookupResult​(String suggesterName,
                                                                                          String token)
        Get a list of lookup result for a given token null can be returned, if there are no lookup results for the token
      • getTokens

        public Set<String> getTokens​(String suggesterName)
        Get the set of tokens that are present in the instance
      • getSuggesterNames

        public Set<String> getSuggesterNames()
        Get the set of suggesterNames for which this instance holds results