Class SpellingQueryConverter

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    public class SpellingQueryConverter
    extends QueryConverter
    Converts the query string to a Collection of Lucene tokens using a regular expression. Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT are skipped.

    Each term is checked to determine if it is optional, required or prohibited. Required terms output a Token with the QueryConverter.REQUIRED_TERM_FLAG set. Prohibited terms output a Token with the QueryConverter.PROHIBITED_TERM_FLAG set. If the query uses the plus (+) and minus (-) to denote required and prohibited, this determination will be accurate. In the case boolean AND/OR/NOTs are used, this converter makes an uninformed guess as to whether the term would likely behave as if it is Required or Prohibited and sets the flags accordingly. These flags are used downstream to generate collations for WordBreakSolrSpellChecker, in cases where an original term is split up into multiple Tokens.

    solr 1.3
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        protected Pattern QUERY_REGEX
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      • SpellingQueryConverter

        public SpellingQueryConverter()