Class ReturnFields

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    public abstract class ReturnFields
    extends Object
    A class representing the return fields
    solr 4.0
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      • ReturnFields

        public ReturnFields()
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      • getLuceneFieldNames

        public abstract Set<String> getLuceneFieldNames()
        Set of field names with their exact names from the lucene index. Class such as ResponseWriters pass this to SolrIndexSearcher.doc(int, Set).

        NOTE: In some situations, this method may return null even if wantsAllFields() is false. For example: When glob expressions are used (hasPatternMatching()), it is safer to request all field names then to attempt to resolve the globs against all possible dynamic field names in the index.

        Set of field names or null (all fields).
      • getLuceneFieldNames

        public abstract Set<String> getLuceneFieldNames​(boolean ignoreWantsAll)
        Set of field names with their exact names from the lucene index.
        ignoreWantsAll - If true, it returns any additional specified field names, in spite of also wanting all fields. Example: when fl=*,field1, returns ["field1"]. If false, the method returns null when all fields are wanted. Example: when fl=*,field1, returns null. Note that this method returns null regardless of ignoreWantsAll if all fields are requested and no explicit field names are specified.
      • getRequestedFieldNames

        public abstract Set<String> getRequestedFieldNames()
        The requested field names (includes pseudo fields)
        Set of field names or null (all fields).
      • getExplicitlyRequestedFieldNames

        public abstract Set<String> getExplicitlyRequestedFieldNames()
        The explicitly requested field names (includes pseudo fields)
        Set of explicitly requested field names or null (no explict)
      • getFieldRenames

        public abstract Map<String,​String> getFieldRenames()
        Get the fields which have been renamed
        a mapping of renamed fields
      • wantsField

        public abstract boolean wantsField​(String name)
        Returns true if the specified field should be returned to the external client -- either using its own name, or via an alias. This method returns false even if the specified name is needed as an "extra" field for use by transformers.
      • wantsAllFields

        public abstract boolean wantsAllFields()
        Returns true if all fields should be returned to the external client.
      • wantsScore

        public abstract boolean wantsScore()
        Returns true if the score should be returned.
      • hasPatternMatching

        public abstract boolean hasPatternMatching()
        Returns true if the fieldnames should be picked with a pattern
      • getTransformer

        public abstract DocTransformer getTransformer()
        Returns the DocTransformer used to modify documents, or null