Interface ExtendedQuery

    • Method Detail

      • getCache

        boolean getCache()
        Should this query be cached in the query cache or filter cache.
      • setCache

        void setCache​(boolean cache)
      • getCost

        int getCost()
        Returns the cost of this query, used to order checking of filters that are not cached. If getCache()==false && getCost()>=100 && this instanceof PostFilter, then the PostFilter interface will be used for filtering. Otherwise, for smaller costs, this cost will be used for TwoPhaseIterator.matchCost().
      • setCost

        void setCost​(int cost)
      • getCostAppliedQuery

        default getCostAppliedQuery()
        Returns this Query, applying QueryUtils.makeQueryable(Query) and maybe wrapping it to apply the getCost() if it's above zero. Subclasses may customize this if the query internally applies the configurable cost on the underlying TwoPhaseIterator.matchCost().