Class RestManager.ManagedEndpoint

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    public static class RestManager.ManagedEndpoint
    extends BaseSolrResource
    Request handling needs a lightweight object to delegate a request to. ManagedResource implementations are heavy-weight objects that live for the duration of a SolrCore, so this class acts as the proxy between the request handler and a ManagedResource when doing request processing.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ManagedEndpoint

        public ManagedEndpoint​(RestManager restManager)
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      • resolveResourceId

        public static String resolveResourceId​(String path)
        Determines the ManagedResource resourceId from the request path.
      • doInit

        public void doInit​(SolrQueryRequest solrRequest,
                           SolrQueryResponse solrResponse)
        Initialize objects needed to handle a request to the REST API. Specifically, we lookup the RestManager using the ThreadLocal SolrRequestInfo and then dynamically locate the ManagedResource associated with the request URI.
        doInit in class BaseSolrResource
      • delegateRequestToManagedResource

        public void delegateRequestToManagedResource()
      • doDelete

        protected void doDelete()