Class SolrSlf4jReporter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Closeable, AutoCloseable, PluginInfoInitialized

    public class SolrSlf4jReporter
    extends FilteringSolrMetricReporter
    Metrics reporter that wraps Slf4jReporter. The following init arguments are supported:
    • period: (optional, int) number of seconds between reports, default is 60,
    • prefix: (optional, str) prefix for metric names, in addition to registry name. Default is none, ie. just registry name.
    • filter: (optional, str) if not empty only metric names that start with this value will be reported, default is all metrics from a registry,
    • logger: (optional, str) logger name to use. Default is the metrics group, eg. solr.jvm, solr.core, etc