Class NotFoundExceptionMapper

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    public class NotFoundExceptionMapper
    extends Object
    An ExceptionMapper for the exception produced by JAX-RS when no match could be found for an incoming request.

    If no special flags are set, this mapper returns an error response similar to that produced by other V2 codepaths.

    If the RequestContextKeys.SUPPRESS_ERROR_ON_NOT_FOUND_EXCEPTION flag is present, we suppress the error response and merely set a flag indicating the lack of matching resource. This is done in service of fielding requests whose resource might be registered in one of multiple JAX-RS applications. See V2HttpCall's "executeCoreRequest" method for more details.

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      • resourceContext

        public resourceContext
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      • NotFoundExceptionMapper

        public NotFoundExceptionMapper()
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      • toResponse

        public toResponse​( exception)
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