Class CatchAllExceptionMapper

  • All Implemented Interfaces:<Exception>

    public class CatchAllExceptionMapper
    extends Object
    Flattens the exception and sets on a SolrJerseyResponse.

    Format and behavior based on the exception handling in Solr's v1 requestHandler's. Also sets metrics if present on the request context.

    • Field Detail

      • resourceContext

        public resourceContext
    • Constructor Detail

      • CatchAllExceptionMapper

        public CatchAllExceptionMapper()
    • Method Detail

      • toResponse

        public toResponse​(Exception exception)
        Specified by:
        toResponse in interface<Exception>
      • processAndRespondToException

        public static processAndRespondToException​(Exception exception,
                                                                               SolrQueryRequest solrQueryRequest,
      • buildExceptionResponse

        public static buildExceptionResponse​(Exception normalizedException,
                                                                         SolrQueryRequest solrQueryRequest,