Class ShardFieldSortedHitQueue

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class ShardFieldSortedHitQueue
    extends org.apache.lucene.util.PriorityQueue<ShardDoc>
    • Field Detail

      • comparators

        protected Comparator<ShardDoc>[] comparators
        Stores a comparator corresponding to each field being sorted by
      • fields

        protected[] fields
        Stores the sort criteria being used.
      • fieldNames

        protected List<String> fieldNames
        The order of these fieldNames should correspond to the order of sort field values retrieved from the shard
    • Constructor Detail

      • ShardFieldSortedHitQueue

        public ShardFieldSortedHitQueue​([] fields,
                                        int size,
    • Method Detail

      • lessThan

        protected boolean lessThan​(ShardDoc docA,
                                   ShardDoc docB)
        Specified by:
        lessThan in class org.apache.lucene.util.PriorityQueue<ShardDoc>