Class SchemaBulkModifyAPI

  • public class SchemaBulkModifyAPI
    extends Object
    V2 APIs for creating, updating, or deleting individual components in a collection's schema.

    This API (POST /v2/collections/collectionName/schema {...}) is analogous to the commands supported by the v1 POST /collectionName/schema API.

    Typically v2 "POST" API implementations separate each "command" into a different method. This is not done here because the v1 API code in SchemaHandler expects to consume the request body itself (meaning that nothing _before_ SchemaHandler can consume the request body).

    As a result the single method below handles all "commands" supported by the POST /schema API: 'add-field', 'delete-field', 'replace-field', 'add-dynamic-field', 'delete-dynamic-field', 'replace-dynamic-field', 'add-field-type', 'delete-field-type', 'replace-field-type', 'add-copy-field', and 'delete-copy-field'.