Class BalanceRequestImpl

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      • BalanceRequestImpl

        public BalanceRequestImpl​(Set<Node> nodes)
      • BalanceRequestImpl

        public BalanceRequestImpl​(Set<Node> nodes,
                                  int maximumBalanceSkew)
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      • getNodes

        public Set<Node> getNodes()
        Description copied from interface: BalanceRequest
        Replicas should only be balanced on nodes in the set returned by this method.

        When Collection API calls do not specify a specific set of nodes, replicas can be balanced on all live nodes in the cluster. In such cases, this set will be equal to the set of all live nodes. The plugin placement code does not need to worry (or care) if a set of nodes was explicitly specified or not.

        Specified by:
        getNodes in interface BalanceRequest
        never null and never empty set (if that set was to be empty for any reason, no balance would be possible and the Solr infrastructure driving the plugin code would detect the error itself rather than calling the plugin).