Interface Cluster

  • public interface Cluster
    A representation of the SolrCloud cluster state, providing information on which nodes and collections are part of the cluster and a way to get to more detailed info.
    • Method Detail

      • getLiveNodes

        Set<Node> getLiveNodes()
        current set of live nodes.
      • getLiveDataNodes

        Set<Node> getLiveDataNodes()
        current set of live nodes that are supposed to host data.
      • getCollection

        SolrCollection getCollection​(String collectionName)
                              throws IOException
        Returns info about the given collection if one exists.
        null if no collection of the given name exists in the cluster.
      • collections

        Iterable<SolrCollection> collections()
        Allow foreach iteration on all collections of the cluster, such as: for (SolrCollection c : cluster.collections()) {...}.