Class ActiveReplicaWatcher

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    public class ActiveReplicaWatcher
    extends Object
    Watch for replicas to become Replica.State.ACTIVE. Watcher is terminated (its onStateChanged(Set, DocCollection) method returns false) when all listed replicas become active.

    Additionally, the provided SolrCloseableLatch instance can be used to await for all listed replicas to become active.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ActiveReplicaWatcher

        public ActiveReplicaWatcher​(String collection,
                                    List<String> replicaIds,
                                    List<String> solrCoreNames,
                                    org.apache.solr.common.SolrCloseableLatch latch)
        Construct the watcher. At least one replicaId or solrCoreName must be provided.
        collection - collection name
        replicaIds - list of replica id-s
        solrCoreNames - list of SolrCore names
        latch - optional latch to await for all provided replicas to become active. This latch will be counted down by at most the number of provided replica id-s / SolrCore names.
    • Method Detail

      • getCollection

        public String getCollection()
        Collection name.
      • getActiveReplicas

        public List<> getActiveReplicas()
        Return the list of active replicas found so far.
      • getReplicaIds

        public List<String> getReplicaIds()
        Return the list of replica id-s that are not active yet (or unverified).
      • getSolrCoreNames

        public List<String> getSolrCoreNames()
        Return a list of SolrCore names that are not active yet (or unverified).
      • onStateChanged

        public boolean onStateChanged​(Set<String> liveNodes,
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        onStateChanged in interface