Class RunExampleTool

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class RunExampleTool
    extends ToolBase
    Supports an interactive session with the user to launch (or relaunch the -e cloud example)
    • Field Detail

      • executor

        protected org.apache.commons.exec.Executor executor
      • script

        protected String script
      • serverDir

        protected File serverDir
      • exampleDir

        protected File exampleDir
      • urlScheme

        protected String urlScheme
    • Constructor Detail

      • RunExampleTool

        public RunExampleTool()
        Default constructor used by the framework when running as a command-line application.
      • RunExampleTool

        public RunExampleTool​(org.apache.commons.exec.Executor executor,
                              InputStream userInput,
                              PrintStream stdout)