Class SolrDocumentBase<T,​K>

    • Constructor Detail

      • SolrDocumentBase

        public SolrDocumentBase()
    • Method Detail

      • getFieldNames

        public abstract Collection<String> getFieldNames()
        Get all field names.
      • setField

        public abstract void setField​(String name,
                                      Object value)
        Set a field with implied null value for boost.
        name - name of the field to set
        value - value of the field
      • addField

        public abstract void addField​(String name,
                                      Object value)
        Add a field to the document.
        name - Name of the field, should match one of the field names defined under "fields" tag in schema.xml.
        value - Value of the field, should be of same class type as defined by "type" attribute of the corresponding field in schema.xml.
      • getFieldValue

        public abstract Object getFieldValue​(String name)
        Get the first value or collection of values for a given field.
      • getFieldValues

        public abstract Collection<Object> getFieldValues​(String name)
        Get a collection of values for a given field name
      • addChildDocument

        public abstract void addChildDocument​(K child)
      • addChildDocuments

        public abstract void addChildDocuments​(Collection<K> children)
      • getChildDocuments

        public abstract List<K> getChildDocuments()
        Returns the list of anonymous child documents, or null if none. There may be other "labelled" child documents found in field values, in which the field name is the label. This may be deprecated in 8.0.
      • hasChildDocuments

        public abstract boolean hasChildDocuments()
        Has anonymous children?
      • getChildDocumentCount

        public abstract int getChildDocumentCount()
        The anonymous child document count.