Class FieldStatsInfo

    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public String getName()
      • getMin

        public Object getMin()
      • getMax

        public Object getMax()
      • getSum

        public Object getSum()
      • getCount

        public Long getCount()
      • getCountDistinct

        public Long getCountDistinct()
      • getMissing

        public Long getMissing()
      • getMean

        public Object getMean()
      • getStddev

        public Double getStddev()
      • getSumOfSquares

        public Double getSumOfSquares()
      • getPercentiles

        public Map<Double,​Double> getPercentiles()
        The percentiles requested if any, otherwise null. If non-null then the iteration order will match the order the percentiles were originally specified in.
      • getCardinality

        public Long getCardinality()
        The cardinality of of the set of values if requested, otherwise null.