Class RangeFacetMap

    • Constructor Detail

      • RangeFacetMap

        public RangeFacetMap​(String field,
                             long start,
                             long end,
                             long gap)
      • RangeFacetMap

        public RangeFacetMap​(String field,
                             double start,
                             double end,
                             double gap)
      • RangeFacetMap

        public RangeFacetMap​(String field,
                             Date start,
                             Date end,
                             String gap)
        Creates a "range" facet representation for a date field
        gap - a DateMathParser compatible time/interval String. (e.g. "+1MONTH")
    • Method Detail

      • setHardEnd

        public RangeFacetMap setHardEnd​(boolean hardEnd)
        Indicates whether the facet's last bucket should stop exactly at end, or be extended to be gap wide

        Defaults to false if not specified.

        hardEnd - true if the final bucket should be truncated at end; false otherwise
      • setMinCount

        public RangeFacetMap setMinCount​(int minOccurrences)
        Indicates that buckets should be returned only if they have a count of at least minOccurrences

        Defaults to '0' if not specified.