Class CoreAdminRequest.Create

    • Field Detail

      • instanceDir

        protected String instanceDir
      • configName

        protected String configName
      • schemaName

        protected String schemaName
      • dataDir

        protected String dataDir
      • ulogDir

        protected String ulogDir
      • configSet

        protected String configSet
      • collection

        protected String collection
    • Constructor Detail

      • Create

        public Create()
    • Method Detail

      • setInstanceDir

        public void setInstanceDir​(String instanceDir)
      • setSchemaName

        public void setSchemaName​(String schema)
      • setConfigName

        public void setConfigName​(String config)
      • setDataDir

        public void setDataDir​(String dataDir)
      • setUlogDir

        public void setUlogDir​(String ulogDir)
      • setConfigSet

        public void setConfigSet​(String configSet)
      • setCollection

        public void setCollection​(String collection)
      • setNumShards

        public void setNumShards​(int numShards)
      • setShardId

        public void setShardId​(String shardId)
      • setRoles

        public void setRoles​(String roles)
      • setCoreNodeName

        public void setCoreNodeName​(String coreNodeName)
      • setIsTransient

        public void setIsTransient​(Boolean isTransient)
      • setIsLoadOnStartup

        public void setIsLoadOnStartup​(Boolean loadOnStartup)
      • setCollectionConfigName

        public void setCollectionConfigName​(String name)
      • getInstanceDir

        public String getInstanceDir()
      • getSchemaName

        public String getSchemaName()
      • getConfigName

        public String getConfigName()
      • getDataDir

        public String getDataDir()
      • getUlogDir

        public String getUlogDir()
      • getConfigSet

        public String getConfigSet()
      • getShardId

        public String getShardId()
      • getRoles

        public String getRoles()
      • getCoreNodeName

        public String getCoreNodeName()
      • getIsLoadOnStartup

        public Boolean getIsLoadOnStartup()
      • getIsTransient

        public Boolean getIsTransient()
      • getCollectionConfigName

        public String getCollectionConfigName()
      • setCoreName

        public void setCoreName​(String coreName)
        Provide the name of the core to be created.

        Core names must consist entirely of periods, underscores and alphanumerics. Other characters are not allowed.

        setCoreName in class CoreAdminRequest
        IllegalArgumentException - if the core name contains invalid characters.