Class CollectionAdminRequest.Backup

    • Field Detail

      • name

        protected final String name
      • location

        protected String location
      • incremental

        protected boolean incremental
      • backupConfigset

        protected boolean backupConfigset
      • extraProperties

        protected Properties extraProperties
    • Constructor Detail

      • Backup

        public Backup​(String collection,
                      String name)
    • Method Detail

      • getLocation

        public String getLocation()
      • getIndexBackupStrategy

        public Optional<String> getIndexBackupStrategy()
      • setIncremental

        public CollectionAdminRequest.Backup setIncremental​(boolean incremental)
        Specifies the backup method to use: the deprecated 'full-snapshot' format, or the current 'incremental' format.

        Defaults to 'true' if unspecified.

        Incremental backups are almost always preferable to the deprecated 'full-snapshot' format, as incremental backups can take advantage of previously backed-up files and will only upload those that aren't already stored in the repository - saving lots of time and network bandwidth. The older 'full-snapshot' format should only be used by experts with a particular reason to do so.

        incremental - true to use incremental backups, false otherwise.
      • setMaxNumberBackupPoints

        public CollectionAdminRequest.Backup setMaxNumberBackupPoints​(int maxNumBackupPoints)
        Specifies the maximum number of backup points to keep at the backup location.

        If the current backup causes the number of stored backup points to exceed this value, the oldest backup points are cleaned up so that only #maxNumBackupPoints are retained.

        This parameter is ignored if the request uses a non-incremental backup.

        maxNumBackupPoints - the number of backup points to retain after the current backup
      • setBackupConfigset

        public CollectionAdminRequest.Backup setBackupConfigset​(boolean backupConfigset)
        Indicates weather the Backup operation should also backup the configset files (such as schema.xml, solrconfig.xml. etc).

        Note that the configset is needed to restore the collection, so only set this to false if you know the cluster will have the configset available before restoring.

        backupConfigset - true if you want to backup configsets (default). false to skip configset files.
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