Class ConcurrentUpdateSolrClient.Builder

    • Field Detail

      • baseSolrUrl

        protected String baseSolrUrl
      • queueSize

        protected int queueSize
      • threadCount

        protected int threadCount
      • pollQueueTime

        protected int pollQueueTime
      • streamDeletes

        protected boolean streamDeletes
    • Constructor Detail

      • Builder

        public Builder​(String baseSolrUrl)
        Create a Builder object, based on the provided Solr URL.

        Two different paths can be specified as a part of this URL:

        1) A path pointing directly at a particular core

           SolrClient client = new ConcurrentUpdateSolrClient.Builder("http://my-solr-server:8983/solr/core1").build();
           QueryResponse resp = client.query(new SolrQuery("*:*"));
        Note that when a core is provided in the base URL, queries and other requests can be made without mentioning the core explicitly. However, the client can only send requests to that core.

        2) The path of the root Solr path ("/solr")

           SolrClient client = new ConcurrentUpdateSolrClient.Builder("http://my-solr-server:8983/solr").build();
           QueryResponse resp = client.query("core1", new SolrQuery("*:*"));
        In this case the client is more flexible and can be used to send requests to any cores. This flexibility though requires that the core be specified on all requests.