Class GraphHandler

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AutoCloseable, ApiSupport, SolrInfoBean, NestedRequestHandler, SolrMetricProducer, SolrRequestHandler, PermissionNameProvider, SolrCoreAware

    public class GraphHandler
    extends RequestHandlerBase
    implements SolrCoreAware, PermissionNameProvider
    Solr Request Handler for graph traversal with streaming functions that responds with GraphML markup.

    It loads the default set of streaming expression functions via DefaultStreamFactory.

    To add additional functions, just define them as plugins in solrconfig.xml via <expressible name="count" class="" />

    The @deprecated configuration method as of Solr 8.5 is <lst name="streamFunctions"> <str name="group"></str> <str name="count"></str> </lst>