Class AuthorizationContext

  • public abstract class AuthorizationContext
    extends Object
    Request context for Solr to be used by Authorization plugin.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AuthorizationContext

        public AuthorizationContext()
    • Method Detail

      • getParams

        public abstract org.apache.solr.common.params.SolrParams getParams()
      • getUserPrincipal

        public abstract Principal getUserPrincipal()
        This method returns the Principal corresponding to the authenticated user for the current request. The value returned by Principal.getName() depends on the authentication mechanism used (e.g. for user "foo" with BASIC authentication the result would be "foo". On the other hand with KERBEROS it would be foo@REALMNAME). The getUserName() method may be preferred to extract the identity of the authenticated user instead of this method.
        user principal in case of an authenticated request null in case of unauthenticated request
      • getUserName

        public abstract String getUserName()
        This method returns the name of the authenticated user for the current request. The return value of this method is agnostic of the underlying authentication mechanism used.
        user name in case of an authenticated user null in case of unauthenticated request
      • getHttpHeader

        public abstract String getHttpHeader​(String header)
      • getRemoteAddr

        public abstract String getRemoteAddr()
      • getRemoteHost

        public abstract String getRemoteHost()
      • getResource

        public abstract String getResource()
      • getHttpMethod

        public abstract String getHttpMethod()
      • getHandler

        public abstract Object getHandler()