Interface Utf8CharSequence

    • Method Detail

      • write

        int write​(int start,
                  byte[] buffer,
                  int pos)
        Write the bytes into a buffer. The objective is to avoid the local bytes being exposed to other classes if the implementation is expected to be immutable. It writes as many bytes as possible into the buffer and then return how many bytes were written. It's the responsibility of the caller to call this method repeatedly and ensure that everything is completely written
        start - position from which to start writing
        buffer - the buffer to which to write to
        pos - position to start writing
        no:of bytes written
      • size

        int size()
        The size of utf8 bytes
        the size
      • byteAt

        byte byteAt​(int idx)
      • write

        default void write​(OutputStream os)
                    throws IOException
        Creates a byte[] and copy to it first before writing it out to the output
        os - The sink