Class ZkDynamicConfig

  • public class ZkDynamicConfig
    extends Object
    Class holding the dynamic config of a Zookeeper ensemble as fetched from znode /zookeeper/config.
    • Field Detail

      • linePattern

        public static final Pattern linePattern
    • Method Detail

      • parseLines

        public static ZkDynamicConfig parseLines​(String lines)
        Parse a raw multi line config string with the full content of znode /zookeeper/config.
        lines - the multi line config string. If empty or null, this will return an empty list
        an instance of ZkDynamicConfig
      • fromZkConnectString

        public static ZkDynamicConfig fromZkConnectString​(String zkHost)
        Creates an instance based on a zookeeper connect string on format host:port,host:port[/chroot]
        zkHost - zk connect string
        instance of ZkDynamicConfig
      • getVersion

        public String getVersion()
      • size

        public int size()