Class Metric

    • Field Detail

      • outputLong

        public boolean outputLong
    • Constructor Detail

      • Metric

        public Metric()
    • Method Detail

      • getFunctionName

        public String getFunctionName()
      • setFunctionName

        public void setFunctionName​(String functionName)
      • getIdentifier

        public String getIdentifier()
      • setIdentifier

        public void setIdentifier​(String identifier)
      • setIdentifier

        public void setIdentifier​(String... identifierParts)
      • toExplanation

        public Explanation toExplanation​(StreamFactory factory)
                                  throws IOException
        Description copied from interface: Expressible
        Returns an explanation about the stream object
        Specified by:
        toExplanation in interface Expressible
        factory - Stream factory for this, contains information about the function name
        Explanation about this stream object containing explanations of any child stream objects
        IOException - throw on any error
      • getMetricNodeId

        public UUID getMetricNodeId()
      • getValue

        public abstract Number getValue()
      • update

        public abstract void update​(Tuple tuple)
      • newInstance

        public abstract Metric newInstance()
      • getColumns

        public abstract String[] getColumns()